Nela device

Understanding Chronic Cough Today* with NELA

NELA is a combination of a cough recorder and the associated software for 24/7 tracking of chronic cough from home. Developed with patients and medical experts, NELA aims to make chronic cough objectively detectable.

Nela device

Scientific research with those affected

To validate the efficacy of NELA and gain even more insights into the treatment of chronic cough, we are conducting studies. Improve NELA with us: Encourage your patients to participate in a trial.

The integration of NELA into medical practice has the potential for a paradigm shift in the treatment of chronic cough and its underlying conditions. Support us together with your patients.

Insights into practice – that's how satisfied patients are

With our user studies, in which 242 participants were able to test NELA in their everyday lives, we confirm its ease of use.

… of all previous users found NELA intuitive to use

… of all previous users stated that NELA did not affect their coughing behavior

… of all previous users were able to integrate NELA into their everyday lives without any problems

… of all previous users stated that they were not aware of NELA in the background

  1. * As the manufacturer of NELA products, we are currently carrying out the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with Regulation 2017/745 (EU) on medical devices for NELA products that we have further developed in order to be able to place them on the market as medical devices in the future. The current NELA products, as presented here, are not medical devices and should not be used for purposes intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict, prognosis, treat or alleviate disease.