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People are at the heart of our work: How can data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence help improve human health? We can only live up to this claim by understanding our products holistically. We work closely not only with medical experts, but also with patients – for example, to make chronic cough more measurable, detectable and treatable, as in the case of NELA.

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Patients in Focus – The Story Behind NELA

In this way, we are getting a little closer to our goal every day: to improve the quality of life of patients through forward-looking technical solutions and to open up new avenues in diagnostics, therapy and monitoring for medical professionals.

Nela device

Technical know-how meets medical expertise

Our products are based on sound medical knowledge, technical innovation and many years of experience. At Carepath, an interdisciplinary team of IT specialists and doctors works hand in hand with consulting pulmonologists, psychologists and physiotherapists to ensure the best possible quality. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the needs of patients.

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Our solutions are based on sound medical expertise. Get to know our health professional advisors.

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Our future belongs to patients - to improve their everyday lives.

"We are committed to a world in which technologies such as AI and the IoMT help to make data-driven healthcare decisions and provide personalized care."

Andrea Berten
Andrea Berten
Chief Executive Officer