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Understanding Chronic Cough Today* with NELA

NELA is the technological solution to better understand chronic cough. Currently used in research, NELA provides verifiable data that can provide insights into cough and its change over time.

What diseases can cause a chronic cough?

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The future potential* of NELA

With NELA and the associated research, we want to improve the lives of people with chronic cough in the long term. Among other things, we are currently working on approval in accordance with the European Regulation on Medical Devices (Regulation (EU) 2017/745). Our goals that we strive for with NELA:

Detailed symptom overview

NELA is intended to offer sufferers the opportunity to record the time and frequency of their cough in order to, for example: Gain a more accurate understanding of their condition.

Personal pattern recognition

NELA can recognize and distinguish individual cough patterns, as well as display the data graphically. For example, those affected can provide doctors with their documented cough data, which can have a positive effect on the diagnosis of diseases and the development of treatment strategies.

Perception of changes

NELA can detect changes in coughing and provide objective information. In this way, in the event of deterioration, answers to important questions about treatment and prevention can be given in good time.

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Participate in our research

Do you want to better understand your chronic cough? By participating in our research projects , you help us optimize NELA and actively support the technological advancement of medical research.

Personal Insights:
Voices of our Project Participants

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NELA: By those affected for those affected

NELA is designed to help people with chronic coughs, e.g. asthmatics, allergy sufferers or COPD patients. At the heart of this mission is personal exchange: Within our NELA community, those affected get in touch with each other and we get in touch with them. Share your personal experiences and give us feedback – this will give us important insights into living with chronic cough and make NELA even better. Become part of our NELA community and help us with your experiences.

  1. * As the manufacturer of NELA products, we are currently carrying out the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with Regulation 2017/745 (EU) on medical devices for NELA products that we have further developed in order to be able to place them on the market as medical devices in the future. The current NELA products, as presented here, are not medical devices and should not be used for purposes intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict, prognosis, treat or alleviate disease.