Nela device

NELA today*: Tracking and Understanding Chronic Cough

NELA is a combination of hardware and software that will revolutionize our understanding of cough. With three perfectly coordinated components, NELA offers a holistic solution for recording and documenting chronic coughs – almost like an automated cough diary.

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NELA tomorrow*: monitoring and treating chronic cough

There is a lot of potential in NELA – which is why we are working on approval in accordance with the European Regulation on Medical Devices (Regulation (EU) 2017/745). As a medical device, NELA can help monitor chronic cough and treat it in a more targeted manner. In the future, cough patterns and changes will be made recognizable, for example, to facilitate medical diagnoses and to assess the effectiveness of therapies for diseases such as COPD or asthma.

NELA for Affected Persons

In the future, people with chronic cough will be able to use NELA to analyse their individual cough patterns. Together with your doctor, changes can be detected at an early stage and treatment strategies and therapeutic successes can be objectively evaluated.

NELA for Professionals

Doctors and other health professionals will soon be able to closely monitor their patients' coughs thanks to NELA. For example, diseases can be diagnosed precisely and quickly, exacerbations can be avoided or detected earlier, and therapies can be adapted at an early stage.

Nela device

Clever technology in detail –
what NELA can do

Thanks to the three components and the reliable cough tracking, NELA provides a high-quality database for a better understanding of chronic cough. NELA combines various advantages:

High precision: In more than 97 percent of cases, NELA correctly detects coughing sounds, which is far above the current standard.

Individual assignment: A person's cough is specifically detected.

Maximum privacy: Ambient noise and voices are filtered out.

Comprehensive tracking: Several cough recorders can be combined via Wi-Fi.

Long range: A cough recorder detects coughing sounds within a radius of up to 8 meters.

Easy to use: The intuitive app makes the functions and data easy to understand.


NELA: A Visionary Story

NELA is backed by concentrated expertise. The team consists of an association of medical professionals, specialists in cough research and external experts. Our expertise is what makes us and NELA unique. The goal is always in mind: to positively influence the future of medical technology.

This is also the reason why NELA was developed from the perspective of both those affected and patients since the beginning. People who suffer from chronic cough themselves and know the daily challenges of this symptom are at the forefront of NELA. Our aim is not only to make coughs easier to understand, but also to understand the needs and limitations of those affected - this is the only way to sustainably improve the lives of people with chronic coughs.

Find out now how you could advance research through NELA as a patient or as a scientist.

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  2. * As the manufacturer of NELA products, we are currently carrying out the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with Regulation 2017/745 (EU) on medical devices for NELA products that we have further developed in order to be able to place them on the market as medical devices in the future. The current NELA products, as presented here, are not medical devices and should not be used for purposes intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict, prognosis, treat or alleviate disease.