Hey there, I am NELA Sound! – Feel free just to call me NELA.

If I may introduce myself briefly – I am an innovative system for tele-monitoring and self-management of patients with chronic diseases. I long for a future where I support people around the clock where they feel most comfortable – at home.

I want to increase quality of life and support you with concerns around chronic illness. In the future, my technology will make it possible to optimise the course of respiratory diseases through an innovative system for symptom monitoring.

Highest levels of care with an advanced technology for symptom monitoring at home.


Make life with
respiratory diseases easier

I suppose everyone knows what a cough is. As common as coughing is as a symptom – it is also non-specific. It can mean everything. There are many clinical pictures that can be hidden behind a cough. This often makes it difficult for doctors to identify the underlying cause of the cough. In future, I want to offer you NELA Cough to analyse cough and respiratory sounds over any length of time.

This can be included in the diagnosis and therapy monitoring. I am a reliable daily companion for every patient. I know and take into account the concerns and needs of people with chronic respiratory diseases. My goal is to make you feel supported and understood – and thus be able to achieve a higher quality of life again – even with a chronic illness. In this way, I will soon be able to provide long-term and objective symptom monitoring for the first time.

What exactly is NELA doing?

To my patients:

  • Respiratory diseases and chronic coughs are very distressing. With my help, symptoms should be reliably recorded around the clock – even at night. In this way, diagnostics and therapy can be carried out much faster and in a more targeted manner. So that a "get well soon" can occur as quickly as possible.
  • Blind spots and exhausting symptom diaries will soon be a thing of the past. I record your cough and analyse it. Other noises, from dogs barking to the hoover or the phone call with your boss, do not interest me and are filtered out. That way, what is private stays with you! My only goal is to serve you.
  • I am very easy to use: All you have to do is connect my equipment to a power socket. That's all. And in the app, we just communicate directly with each other – I help you.
  • With the app, I support you in developing a better understanding of your disease and in dealing better with the symptoms: To have your symptoms in view and decide better for yourself what you need next.

To the doctors:

  • I am being developed in constant collaboration with experts: Your expertise and observations are enriched by reliable data obtained in the patient's home environment. I make it possible to combine subjective and objective information about the cough as well as the patient's condition and thus support you in assessing and evaluating the clinical picture.
  • I monitor coughing – in the long term. My evaluations - safely and reliably show the quantity, type (productive vs. dry) and individual, subjective contextual information over any length of time. Thus, for the first time, patterns and trends in cough behaviour are recorded and visualised over the long term. In this way, you will gain new and different insights into possible correlations, which you can then incorporate into diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.
  • I am also developed on the premise that my use is intuitive and uncomplicated. I fit easily into the daily routines. So that not only the patients benefit, but also the entire medical staff working with NELA.

Discreet Monitoring

The symptoms are safely recorded at home with the patients using my devices. The daily routine is not disturbed, but supported and more conscious.

Intelligent analysis

My artificial intelligence is my greatest strength and a special skill. I use it to make sure that only relevant data is collected. Other information that is not needed for disease management does not leave the room. I can really keep quiet – and maintain privacy.

Holistic Security

My team is dedicated to protecting all data with the utmost care. Every day, IT security experts and engineers work to make me as secure as possible. I always adhere to all strict, German regulations and only store your data in European data centres. I want you to feel that you are really in good hands with me.